“What Color Should I Use?”

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It’s such a simple question, but truly does hold so much weight when it comes to choosing how you want to brand yourself.


What are my concept colors saying about me?
Colors play a huge role on us psychologically whether we’re conscious of it or not.


Red– Red is one of the most powerful colors in the spectrum. It symbolizes courage, strength, warmth, and energy. It’s the color that creates the most excitement because of the bold hues. It is actually one of the first colors that holds our attention. Use just enough to catch people’s attention, yet define the balance of this specific color- too much can seem overpowering and unsettling.

Coming Soon Signs in Atlanta

Yellow– Yellow is all about emotions. It is actually the color that has the strongest effect and stimulation on people psychologically. That’s because it pertains to feelings of immense joy, optimism, and confidence; but can also onset fear, irrationality and emotional fragility.

Orange– Orange is all about energy. It radiates warmth and happiness, orange can be in accordance with your “gut” value- doing what feels right beyond a physical or mental reaction. If you want to be reflected as fast paced and high energy, orange is the color you want to go with.

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Green– Green is an inviting color. It is also very versatile. Strategically it is at the center of the color spectrum, so there is a sense of balance and harmony. It also symbolizes money. Green is a great color whether you wish to create an aura of balance or want to be thought as being lucrative.

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Blue– Blue is the color of intelligence. It establishes a sense of trust, reflection and mentally calming. This is great for businesses that want to establish trust with their customers from the getgo, while appearing knowledgeable and confident about what they represent and stand behind.

Violet(Purple)/Gold– These colors are the embodiment of royalty, what comes along with it is nobility, luxury, and ambition. It can also be associated with spirituality. Purple and gold are thought-provoking and if used correctly, it can add elegance to the perception of your sign and branding

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Pink– Pink embodies femininity and is great if you are trying to grab the attention from a predominantly female demographic. Pink naturally appeals to a woman on a psychological level. Although too much pink can appear as somewhat emasculating. So if your target market includes both males and females-it’s best to use pink sparingly.

Vinyl Lettering In Atlanta
Vinyl Lettering in Atlanta

Black and White– Back and white are all about a sleek and classy appearance. They are some of the first colors we think of that can be associated with style and superiority. Commonly they are utilized as a background or contrasting color because although they do hold bold principles; they’re most effective when accented with a more noticeable color.

Monument Signs in Atlanta
Monument Signs in Atlanta

Brown– Brown is all about being down to earth and coming home to your roots. Psychologically it stimulates warmth and earthiness. Much like black and white, it’s best as a contrasting color or an undertone of your overall brand.

ADA signs in Atlanta
ADA signs in Atlanta


So.. What color works best?

There are specific colors that just, in general, look better together.

Black on Yellow
Black on White
Yellow on Black
White on Black
Blue on White
Blue on Yellow
White on Blue
Yellow on Blue
Green on White
White on Green
White on Brown
Brown on Yellow
Yellow on Brown
Red on White


It’s important to map out what your brand embodies, and making sure you are choosing the most strategic colors to accurately represent you.


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