Types of Signage No Business Can Afford to Ignore

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Your Signs Can Help Make Your Business

Running a business requires you to pay attention to what seems like millions of little details. Proper signage is just one of those details that if done incorrectly, can actually damage your business. Yes, signs are about getting noticed and leading people, but they’re also about being consistent with the tone and voice of your business.

That’s right. Every business has a voice. From the first glimpse a potential customer has of your business to every Facebook post, everything you put in front of your audience helps set the tone for their relationship with you.

Clearly, good signage helps get you noticed and drives business and into your retail business, but signs also communicate with your customers in a variety of ways. Having too few signs around your business or can result in customers getting lost or confused which will directly affect your sales since frustrated customers tend to buy less.

What Makes Good Signage?

When it comes to increasing the effectiveness of the signs around your bricks & mortar business, we think these characteristics make up the definition of good signs:

Signs Need To Be Specific

All signs have a purpose. The signs need to be concise and give the right message in the right place. Clearly, placement is critical for good signage. The devil really is in the details when it comes to great signs.

Simplicity Wins

Great signs need to be simple. The information needs to be conveyed clearly in 5 seconds or less. Any more than that, and you’re risking a chance of losing or frustrating the reader.

Signs Have Hierarchy

Yes, good signs follow the rules. The message of your signs needs to follow this order: headline, text, call to action.

Have A Call To Action

Like any good advertisement, signs are about directing people to do something. Otherwise, why have a sign? Every sign needs to have a simple goal that guides the customers down the right path for your business.

The sign designers at Signs Of Intelligence have put together a list of signs that are essential for every business owner to pay attention to for their business. We hope you find it helpful as you venture into your business full steam ahead.

Outdoor Signs

It’s the number one challenge for nearly every small to mid-sized business owner- brand awareness. It’s a simple fact that if your customers don’t know you exist, they will not do business with you.

That’s why outdoor signs are crucial in not only capturing the attention of your customers, but also to guide them into your business. Keep in mind, your outdoor signs set the tone and attitude for your business. This begins the relationship your business has with the customers. And, as we know, first impressions are everything when it comes to business.

There are many different types of exterior signs. It’s important to evaluate your physical space in order to identify which types of signs work best for your business. Some examples of effective outdoor signs include:

  • Pole signs
  • Post signs
  • Awning signs
  • Projecting signs
  • Window signs
  • Vertical signs
  • LED signs
  • Custom signs
  • Portable signs
  • Banners

It’s always a smart idea to work with an experienced sign professional to increase the effectiveness of your outdoor signs.

Indoor Signs

Once your potential customers enter your business, it’s up to your signage to lead them down the proper path. To do this, there are many different important types of indoor signs. In this post, we’ll cover the basics that every business needs.

Informational signs

The term “Informational signage” covers a variety of different types of signs. These signs can tell your customers what department they’re in or provide helpful directions. Wayfinding signs or directional signs are also a type of informational sign that help your customers navigate through your business efficiently. These signs need to have clear, bold fonts with color schemes that make them highly visible so they can be interpreted in just a few seconds. When well placed, these signs help your customers by increasing their comfort and lowering their anxiety which leads to a more productive trip for both the clients and the business owners.

One thing that too many business owners don’t think about prior to opening is how their business is laid out and whether or not the layout is efficient for the customer. It’s fairly common when we help a business with their indoor signage for us to uncover ways to rearrange sections of the business to improve the flow. Many times, this entire process leads to better sales.

Another type of indoor sign that’s very important are the ADA signs. Every business owner needs to accommodate and welcome all customers. This means that all parking, elevators, bathrooms, fitting rooms, entrances and exits need to have appropriate signage for everyone.

ADA signs not only need to be placed at appropriate places, but there are also height requirements as well. Permanent interior signs also need to have Braille.

When investing in any of these types of signs, it’s important to try to think about your signage through the eyes of your customers. Begin with the layout of your business and the paths you want them to take in order to consider where signs would be useful and effective. Consulting with a sign professional is always a good idea to help with sign placement and brand consistency throughout the business- both indoor and out.

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