Let’s get something straight…

There is no clear-cut, easy way to solidify all things branding for your business. It’s a constant, collective effort- that everyone needs to be involved in.


But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to invest big money into an agency and develop a plan.

A more cost-effective (and easier) option would be vehicle wraps!


Take a conscious effort the next time you’re driving down the road- really pay attention to all of the vehicle’s that have their companies branding on them. Companies are recognizing the power of this hassle-free option, as an easy link to help establish their brand.


Just look at these statistics:


  1. Segment Yourself into a New Market

While your wrapped fleet vehicles are out on the road, you are reaching an entirely new population versus the advertising from your brick and mortar. You now have the capacity to reach people who commute often, which in most cases are employed, and have a higher income- this segment has no limit to the potential!

  1. Get People Talking

In the past week alone, 98% of Americans have been in a vehicle, and about 95% of those people will notice that vehicle branding. The more those people come in contact with your brand, the more they develop an embedded trust.

  1. Stretch Your Dollar

Newspaper ads and TV ads have 1 thing in common: they are TEMPORARY.

A vehicle wrap will work for you 24/7 even while you’re not working.

  1. Touch the Masses

As mentioned in the infographic, it is possible to reach over 70,000 people daily! In addition, 35 percent of the people who see these wraps look closely at the brand and advertising. And, 29 percent of viewers say this type of marketing has influenced their buying decisions.


The possibilities are endless for a vehicle wrap, these are just a few! If you would like to learn more, or are ready to build better branding then request a free quote!