Rebranding through Business Signage! Find out how this can benefit your company in Alpharetta, GA

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As a business owner you might be wondering how your company can benefit from rebranding through Business Signage. It’s always a good idea to review your business periodically, to review opportunities for improvement and growth. Being caught up in day to day business, you might loose focus of your company branding, which might have grown stale over the years. As your local sign company, at Signs of Intelligence we like to work with our customers to help them with this part of their business. Business Signage plays an important role in rebranding and can help to put your business back on the map in Alpharetta, GA.


Why do I need rebranding for my business?

First of all, let’s have a quick look at why you should rebrand. Rebranding doesn’t only serve a visual purpose but also serves practicality. New Business Signage can aid in wayfinding, improve customer experience and help with sales by attracting new customers. Business Signage can help you to create a new look for your business, communicate a new message or even help with a completely new business approach. Especially during the Covid19 pandemic, this might be a good time to re-evaluate your business and look at new opportunities.

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How do I start with new Business Signage?

Now that you have determined that your company can benefit from new business signage, let’s have a look at where to start. First and foremost, Signs of Intelligence is your local partner to help with all your interior and exterior business signage needs. With our project management experience we can assist with the entire process from sign consultation to site survey, to graphic design, permit applications, fabrication and installation.


During an initial sign consultation we will evaluate your business and learn about your company objectives. Based on this we will work on a detailed signage plan to implement your company rebranding. Depending on your timeline, we recommend you to begin your rebrand with your exterior signage, followed by interior signage and vehicle branding. Feel free to click on the highlighted links in this article, to learn more about the different types of signage for your business.

Business Signage & Rebranding - Vehicle Signage - Signs of Intelligence Alpharetta, GA

Your partner for Business Signage in Alpharetta, GA

It’s important to work with an experienced sign company for your company rebranding. Once committed to a sign company, you can benefit from this partnership on a long term basis. At Signs of Intelligence we have our in-house graphic design team, to work with you and keep your branding consistent. We’ll keep record of all your business signage and can turn around any new signage request quickly, maintaining your branding through your company colors, fonts and imagery.


Are you ready to start your company rebranding through business signage? Call Signs of Intelligence at 470.395.0171 or request a quote HERE.

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