Banner stands, in general, can be referred to as pull up stands, pop up stands, and roll up banners.
Despite whatever you chose to call them, they can really step the game up on your marketing strategy!

Pop- Up Stands, are unique in the sense that they are bold and captivate your audience’s attention. It also allows for you to give a brief insight into whichever concept your company is trying to showcase. Whether that may be: Value Proposition, Product, Promotion, or Service.

On the plus side, they are extremely economical. A pop-up banner can have the same response compared to a newspaper or magazine ad for a fraction of the cost. And the best part is that longevity of the banner stand is much greater than that of other promotional channels.


Great for Trade Shows:

A majority of the Pop-Up Banners we roll out are intended for Trade Shows. This is a bold, creative way to really distinguish your stall apart from the others and as a result generating more foot traffic towards your booth, enhancing the dramatic impact. On top of that, the stand can be assembled in less than 30 seconds. There is truth behind ‘Popping Up and Ready to Go’.


Longevity of the Stand:

As initially mentioned, the best part about a Pop-Up Banner is that you can use it over, and over, and over again. Pop- Up Banners are most effective when they are generic and aren’t date sensitive. Unlike a TV, magazine or even a flyer ad that has a short shelf life, you can always reuse this marketing prop, without compromising its durability. The material is print vinyl for clear and crisp images. Our stands are made with lightweight aluminum, to provide structural integrity and support.


Convenient to Store:

Part of the reason the stands are able to last a long time is that they’re small, compact, and easy to store. The banner itself rolls into the base, with the telescopic pole also fold into itself to be the same size of the base, which fits flush with the carrying bag.


Space efficient:

Even when the banner is fully erect at your trade expo, office, or showroom. The Pop-Up Banner is easy to maneuver and navigate around. Especially with the engineering design being high and narrow, it allows you to maximize floor space without compromising any other promotional materials you may want to include.


Made for Traveling:

With the lightweight aluminum and convenient carrying case, it’s easy to create brand awareness at a conference then to an exhibition then back to promoting your message at the office. The stand fits easily into any car, and it light enough to be carried by hand with ease.

With the advanced print, sleek stand and ease to travel any and everywhere, Pop-Up Banners are a great tool to separate you from the competition wherever you travel.

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