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You were able to land a prime location for your storefront-SCORE!

It’s going to generate A-LOT of foot traffic up and down the street and you want to capitalize on this momentum the most intelligent way!

How to capitalize though?



Window Perf is one of the most common signs many businesses use for a variety of reasons. The most obvious would be for branding purposes, but also it can help you with A/C and electricity costs for the perforated vinyl will act as a coolant for the window area. It will also protect the merchandise near your windows from looking faded and old.

“Both an inventive marketing opportunity while also offering a practical benefit”

So what do you need to know?

Perforated vinyl (which is also known as “see-through vinyl,” “one-way vision film,” or simply “perf vinyl”) is manufactured with evenly spaced holes spread throughout the film. Perforation (hole) diameter, which also plays a role in one-way visibility and image quality, ranges from approximately 1.4 mm up to 2 mm.


65/35 Perf Pattern 60/40 Perf Pattern 70/30 Perf Pattern 50/50 Perf Pattern
Perforation Diameter


The most typical size is usually about 1.5 millimeters with a 50/50 film.


The varieties of perf vinyl are categorized by their ratio of printable area compared to the area that has been removed. Two of the most common types of perf vinyl are 70/30 and 50/50.

65/35 – 65 percent of the material is printable while 35 percent is removed. With a higher number, like a 65/35, the perforations are further apart from each other so you have more coverage and can see more of the graphic. If people are going to be looking closely at the graphic, then 65/35 is recommended. Inside it’s a little bit darker because there are fewer dots in the pattern.

50/50 – The printable area is equal to the area that has been removed. On a 50/50 there is an equal amount of holes and vinyl, so you can still see the actual graphic but it allows more light to come into the room.

The greater the percentage, the greater the visibility to the outside.  Auto window perforation is typically 50% to allow the best visibility. Storefront windows usually use 30 to 35% perforation to allow best graphics.


65/32 Perf with 1.5 mm holes 50/50 Perf with 1.5 mm holes
65/32 Perf with 1.5 mm holes 50/50 Perf with 1.5 mm holes


Because the distance between the holes determines the print coverage and visibility, the type of material you choose is determined by your needs.

So.. we need to determine your purpose and needs for the perforated vinyl. Are you still trying to allow a lot of natural light through? Or are you looking for more of the energy efficient options that will block out a majority of harsh sunlight and allow you for more graphic room?

65/35 Perf Pattern 60/40 Perf Pattern 70/30 Perf Pattern 50/50 Perf Pattern
Perforation Diameter



So… What Can We Place on Your Business?

In many cases more so often than not, the city or county that holds jurisdiction over your property can have some strict guidelines about what you can and cannot have on your storefront.

Thankfully we’ve done our due diligence and have found that in events where you are not allowed ‘exterior’ window perf; we are allowed to put up ‘interior’ perf. Interior Perf can also be referred to as Window Cling.

Wet Application vs Dry Application

In general, wet apply is acceptable for clear and opaque media. When printed and installed properly it gives the appearance of direct printing on glass.

It is also ideal for standard media—both cling and pressure sensitive—that do not feature air aggress technology. This includes static window cling or any low-tack adhesive product without air egress.

A properly performed wet install will give the best, clearest look.

When a wet application isn’t appropriate, installers look to the dry method. This is preferred for perforated window media options. This is due to the potential for liquid getting trapped in the holes and causing the graphic to look blurry.

Both wet and dry installation methods for window graphics come with advantages and disadvantages. For wet applications, benefits include movability and a clean application. However, the process can get messy and is affected by the environment.

Call us today to let us help you determine what would work best for your location, we truly are the branding experts!

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