Don’t Forget Outdoor Sign Maintenance in Peachtree Corners GA!

Outdoor Signage Maintenance by Signs of Intelligence in Peachtree Corners, GA

Choosing the right sign for your business is the first step to look good, but outdoor sign maintenance in Peachtree Corners GA can reflect how it looks tomorrow. We have been in the sign industry for many years and we are always looking to share our expertise with you. What you’ll receive is high-quality signage maintenance. In this post, we are sharing some outdoor sign maintenance considerations to help you maintain a polished and professional look.

Outdoor Sign Maintenance Considerations

Outdoor Sign Maintenance in Peachtree Corners GA

When investing in outdoor signage for your business, facility, or community it’s important to consider the maintenance prior to starting the sign project. As your local sign company, we have summarized the most important outdoor sign maintenance below.

1. Plan for Wear and Tear

To plan for wear and tear, it helps to know what can affect your sign over time. Several elements can affect your brand and make your sign look worn and dated.

  • Sun: Rich colors can start to look faded due to the impact of the sun.
  • Dirt and Animal Impacts: Grime can grow over your signage, while bugs live in the lights and birds build nests in the letting.
  • Damage: Debris can cause dents in your signage.
  • Lighting: Lights can burn out, making your sign look poorly maintained and unprofessional.

2. Consider Landscaping

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When considering landscaping around your signage (for example, monument and pylon signs) you enhance the aesthetic of your sign, however, it has another benefit. Nice landscaping doesn’t only make your sign look better, but it can prevent damage from lawnmowers and other vehicles coming close to the sign. This will reduce your sign maintenance and you can scrap unforeseen damages off your list.

3. Safe and Sturdy Installation

Hiring professionals for your outdoor sign installation can avoid risky situations and unnecessary repairs. Therefore working with a company like Signs of Intelligence will set you up with professional outdoor signage to last. You can feel confident that your investment will be protected and installed to last, reducing your exterior sign maintenance needs.

4. Combine Form and Function

Last but not least you do want outdoor signage that requires minimal maintenance but still looks good throughout the years. At Signs of Intelligence, we combine form and function for the ultimate signage that is low maintenance. A simple example signs for a daytime business that doesn’t require illumination, opposed to illuminated signage that needs to be visible at night.

Outdoor Signage Maintenance and Repair in Peachtree Corners GA

What Signs Can Be Repaired?

There is more to understand about outdoor sign maintenance in Peachtree Corners, GA. There are many signs that can use scheduled maintenance, but what about refurbishment or a signage update? Ask us about monument sign refurbishing, new faces for cabinet signs, and removal and repair of vinyl graphics. Many of our customers have come to us with peeling vehicle graphics. We are happy to repair or replace these and because we fabricate and install our vinyl graphics correctly, they will last the allotted time given by the vinyl manufacturer. We can also help with LED retrofits to make your lighted signs energy-efficient.

Outdoor Sign Maintenance in Peachtree Corners, GA

Your signage is the first impression that customers have of your brand, so you don’t want to show them something that is badly taken care of. Whether you have an existing outdoor sign that needs maintenance or repairs or you would like to start a new sign project, we have a team ready to help. Our commercial sign company is located in Peachtree Corners, serving the metro Atlanta area including Suwanee, Doraville, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, Johns Creek, and beyond.

If you need outdoor sign maintenance call us at 470.395.0171, request a quote, or click below!

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