Mistakes Made in the Car Wrapping Industry

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Getting your car wrapped is a lot more involved than just placing a sticker on the vehicle. It requires the utmost detail and attention in order to produce exceptional quality. Holding in accordance with our value proposition:

“At Signs of Intelligence, we combine seasoned sales, marketing, and design expertise with an intuitive understanding of the market to quickly assess our client needs. We produce the highest quality products, provide exceptional customer service and we are dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience when it comes to evaluating and producing a go to market strategy for all of your custom signs & graphics.” -Jim Feeney

The digital print technology that we use, allows us to surpass our clients’ expectations for a custom wrap, that will correctly match the tone and voice of your business. We specialize in car wrapping, mainly because we enjoy offering our customers an appealing and effective marketing avenue

“It’s a proud moment for me, seeing a car that I spent hours designing and working on, driving down the road” -Daniel Johnson

Now while the car wrapping industry is taking off from the launch pad; one must separate themselves from the good, and the great. Adding extra details and paying special attention and focus can easily add on several days to a single project. Here are some of the problems and mistakes to pay close attention to when analyzing other wrapped cars on the road:
It can first be divided into Design Mistakes versus Installation Mistakes.

Design Mistakes

1. Spatial or sparse letter spacing: We’ve all been there where our inner OCD kicks in, and we feel awkward because we see where someone was either running out of room or is trying to overcompensate for unused material. Even the lettering can look odd with the way certain letter align next to one another.

2. Corrupt Color Combination: Just referring to the picture above- you’re going to want to choose font colors that will hold steady against the background color. Yet not come across as too aggressive to the eye.

3. Funky Fonts: Unless you have a whimsical business where your stance is portrayed by fonts represented accordingly. It’s always wise to choose classic fonts with minimal deviation.

4. Loco Logo’s: One should never mistake an image with a logo. It’s one thing to have a clear-cut logo. But you should ask a trusted friend to help you in determining whether the design you want to place on your vehicle can be seen in full without having to squirt one’s eyes to attune to the finer details.

Installation Mistakes

1. Sizing Stretch: Let’s put it simply- too much material can lead to overlap and a sloppy job. Too little material – forces the installer to stretch the PVC past its normal elasticity. At first, this does not become apparent to the client. Over time, as the wrap weathers, you can easily see the whitening of the vinyl. Pay close attention to the curves of a car for white spots when you see a wrapped vehicle. This is your ‘tell tale’ sign (no pun intended).

2. Messed Up Material: Accordingly, there are different qualities of vinyl for different applications. All vinyl wrap is not created equal- the wrong film can cause you a multitude of issues. Whether it be wrinkles, the over stretching as mentioned above, poor adhesion to the actual car, or bubbles.

3. Quick Clean: A true cleaning job on the vehicle about to be wrapped, should be done the day before placing the vinyl on the surface. This will get the majority of the dirt off. The day before, the car should be cleaned with simple detergent and water. Then a solvent based cleaning solution to remove waxes or grease residue. Lastly a wipe down with IPA to remove airborne contaminants. Ensuring that there is no water on the surface, especially underneath the rivet heads and between panels, is absolutely crucial.

4. Post PVC Problems: The vinyl used to wrap our vehicles is a form of PVC. The way PVC acts is that it has a tendency to resort back to its original shape once manipulated. In most cases, post application heating is necessary in order to complete the tailored job, making sure the vinyl stays in the areas you want, and away from the areas less desired.


Pictures above is a properly executed car wrap completed by Signs of Intelligence


Mark your calendars! We’re hosting another Showroom Tour Friday, September 29th at 1:00 pm. As always, it will be hosted at our main location: 5875 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Suite 150, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

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