Want some “Bright” knowledge about Neon signage?

Neon is actually derived from the Greek word ‘neos’ meaning “new”!


Our friend over at Gus’s Chicken wanted a work of art that would be as unique as their branding.

Together we came up with a Custom Double Faced Neon Mounted Blade Sign. Accordingly, neon signs will always be a handmade art, which reinforces the effort and dedication it involves to encompass the value of 360 branding. Proving that the time and energy invested into a product will pay off- much like the fried chicken at Gus’s (insert “mmm” here).

This sign is visible from both sides of the road, gaining double the exposure and a unique effect that will automatically draw attention whether you’re in your car, or strolling along the street.


But as you might wonder, this double-faced sign, in all honesty- was no easy feat.

As you see in the photo, we had to engineer custom mounts to safely secure the heavy structure. There was not 1 part of this project that wasn’t custom designed.

The sign itself required a little TLC, we used blowtorches to heat the glass tubes, bending them together before pumping the gas into the tubes and sealing them off for good. All of the intricate curves and edges made this project all the more intensive. But with the amount of intensity this entire project required; Signs of Intelligence feels it’s safe to say the end result was all worth it.

This sign is perfect for any ‘Retro-Styled’ business who wants to stand out from the crowd, just like Gus’s Chicken!


Click here to access their menu, perfect for any occasion!