Draw Your Audience:

The outside of your business should be a direct reflection of the tempo of the business and the brand you encapsulate.

Any outdoor branding will act as your “silent salesperson” 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether it be banners, window graphics, or any other outdoor signage, if it leads your audience to your location, it needs to be aesthetically encapturing.


Educate The Client:

Once you have led them to your point of purchase, inform them. Provide information creatively that will engage. Really solidify your brand with informational fliers, displays, banner stands, indoor wall and floor graphics. Encompass the full circle of the brand with employee image wear that distinguishes them for assistance.


Encapture Their Attention:

Try this “mental hack” in so many words. Design your indoor and outdoor signage with the proper proportion of information and artistic flair to keep the potential customer engaged/ stimulated and in the physical location for a longer period of time.

Humans, in general, are visual learners, going even further, an entire 65% of the population prefers visual learning. This is why it’s critical to fine-tune that balance between information and pictures/graphics. Evoke thought, creation, emotion; and spark some intelligence!