Ron from First Baptist initially touched base with us back in October for an updated look for their historical church located off of Main Street in Lilburn, for they just gained a new pastor, Pastor Paul. What made this project especially interesting, is that the building is nearly 170 years old- even dating back to some gothic architectural design work.

Pastor Paul wanted to increase his messaging and contact exposure for the congregation, just to liven and gather the community together. The best way to keep current with the times- is to update your signage and messaging threshold.

Our answer to them: Digital Messaging Board.


But it wasn’t just the opinion of Pastor Paul that mattered, Signs of Intelligence made sure to present our concept to the congregation for their approval as well.



They initially had an older zip letter monument sign, – but it needed a little TLC and a reface to reflect their total revamp. Pastor Paul wanted something that would effectively get their messages and events seen by the community, and a monument that would have that nice and traditional finish.

We put all of our heads together here at Signs of Intelligence, dove deep into research to see what kind of sign they were allowed- and the measurements required for the City of Lilburn. With multiple site visits, numerous conversations with the city and a few submissions later (and a site plan from a couple of decades ago) we got approval from the City to forge ahead!



The Problem(s).

Now that we got the go-ahead, the real fun began …

Upon ordering the custom 11ft x 4ft computer there was a breach of communication between the shipping companies in making sure they had the proper machinery to safely transfer the huge message board from the truck to our facilities. Slowly (safely) but surely, we finally had the messaging unit in our possession.

Now that we had the message unit, it came time for installation. There was a bit of a set back with the weather. It can be extremely difficult (and dangerous) to install a structure with that much electrical power in adverse conditions. Installation dates were being pushed back due to rain and stormy weather conditions for close to 2 weeks, unfortunately.

Fortunately, the first chance we got with beautiful weather- we pounced on the momentum and headed out to the site!


Creating a Solution.

We had to remove the old marquee that was in the way of the 1000 lb. computer we were going to install. Then use the crane to hoist it up to place it in the old cabinet (like a puzzle piece).




Final Results.

At the end of the day of an all-day installation, everyone walked away with a feeling of satisfaction- because it’s a really GOOD LOOKING sign.

” Pastor Paul”



Stay tuned for when we replace the old polycarbonate sign and letters with a new Flat Face sign and translucent vinyl!