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At Signs of Intelligence we love to make signs that are out of the ordinary! We enjoyed working together recently, with Jekyll Brewing on some of their Product Display Signage. You might know Jekyll Brewing, from their craft beers as the first brewery in Alpharetta. Over the years they have grown in size and you can find their craft beers all around Atlanta. Recently Jekyll Brewing has brought a new product on the market, which we were excited to be a part of. Continue to read to find out more!

Product Display Signage in Alpharetta, GA by Signs of Intelligence

The Problem & Solution

With a traditional six pack ring taking up to 450 years to decompose, it is becoming a weapon against wildlife. Millions of marine animals consume plastic every year and therefore it was time to come up with a solution. Jekyll Brewing created biodegradable six-pack rings that are made from barley and wheat, which is left from the brewing process. These rings can be tossed in a compost bin and can even be eaten by wildlife with no harmful impacts to the animals. Jekyll is one of the first breweries in the United States to come out with these biodegradable six pack rings, isn’t that genius? Of course this new product deserves a professional product display and that’s were Signs of Intelligence came in.

The Process

Jekyll Brewing contacted Signs of Intelligence in Peachtree Corners, to discuss the possibilities of an end cap display for their section in the beer, liquor and spirits store Total Wine & More, located in Alpharetta, GA. They were looking for a 3Dimensional Product Display to communicate their message: biodegradable six-packs rings.

With the dimensions and objective in hand, our in-house graphic designer Camilla got started to create an impactful design for Jekyll Brewing’s product display. When the initial design concept was ready, me moved on to the production phase of the display. We used a combination of affordable and durable materials to make the display stand-out and last. The product display was build with foam board and digitally printed graphics and finished with an overlaminate. The protective laminates enhances the durability of the project to minimize the impact of light & sun exposure and touch. To add an additional dimensional element to the display we routed a turtle out of foam board, which was mounted on top, as can be seen in the below video. This process takes craftmanship from our production manager Courtney, which can be seen in the end result!


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Product Display Signage in Alpharetta, GA

We had fun creating this dimensional product display for Jekyll Brewing and were excited to be a part of their new product launch. Go check out the display for yourself at Total Wines & More in Alpharetta and grab a biodegradable six-pack for yourself while you are at it!

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