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Electronic Messaging Boards or Electronic Messaging Centers (EMC) is the advertising of the future, well rather today. No more will you have to manually change out individual lettering for your business or establishments opening message. Wave goodbye to boring, non-appealing images that don’t portray the excitement of what you’re advertising


Analytics beats opinion every time, no question about it. According to sixteen-nine:

“A 2010 study by Arbitron, digital signs reach an astounding number of Americans: 70 percent have seen a digital video display in the past month, versus 43 percent on the Internet or 41 percent on Facebook.”


“Of those who saw a digital billboard, 55 percent could recall the specific message displayed every time they passed one.”


“71 percent said they felt advertising on digital billboards stood out more than online ads, and 46 percent said they were more prominent than even television ads.”



The Benefits of EMC in general:

-quick updatable media outlet to update your community with events, meetings, and potential emergencies

-represents your enterprise in a sleek, modern outlook. It commands attention

-reduced costs: although this initial investment may be more than the face value of a regular print ad or marquee update, overtime the EMC will pay for itself with saving on printing and labor costs

-Can connect to the Web! Have a creative Twitter post or booming Facebook page? A Proud project you wish to share? You have the power to showcase those mediums on an EMC

-Most decisions are made in store, therefore with an attention-commanding EMC, it will have a dramatic influence on buying decisions


The Benefits of a LED specifically:

-Consumes less electricity versus incandescent lights, more energy efficient, eco-friendly (close to no UV emissions)

-Much cooler to the touch if one were to come into contact with the direct exposure whether it’s operating in extremely hot or cold temperatures

-More resistant to breakage since they are made with epoxy lenses, not glass and can withstand rough conditions

-Long Light Life; for a typical LED messaging board- it could have a lifespan of 20+ years before any light replacement would be required

-LED lighting has un-match-able design features, able to direct light more efficiently to the desired location, immediate full illumination versus traditional lighting

– Manage from a single remote location

-“SBA studies indicate that in terms of cost per thousand impressions, LED signs, in particular, may be the most cost-effective advertising medium”

-The cost per thousand impressions for LED signs is less than 10 percent of the cost for any other advertising medium.



“The digital signage market is set to grow at an 8.94 percent compound annual growth rate between now and 2020.”


Don’t get left behind in the past!


We live in a world that changes every minute; why should your sign be any different?





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